" Our educational programme is geared to the transmission of the values and accumulated knowledge of the society. "

Welcome to Belvoir College International.


    Belvoir College International stands today as a fitting tribute to the memory of Mr. H.C. Peiris, founder Chairman of Belvoir Education Foundation. Hailing from an illustrious family of philanthropists he originated the Belvoir Education Foundation in 1986 and on the 10th of January 1989 Belvoir College International was born, with 24 infants in the Nursery and 11 in the primary. Miss G.W. Liyanage and Miss K. Pitigala had laid the foundation for the educational development of the school as its founder principals in charge of two sections.

At Belvoir, the educational and developmental programme is geared, laying high emphasis on student discipline. We are proud to say that we have been able to release at the end of each academic year a set of well educated youths who are self-disciplined, both to the Tertiary Educational Institutions, various parts of the world, and to the society at large.


We are guided by what the Educational Psychologist, William James stated,
“ Man should be taught as a living organism with instinctive tendencies to react with his environment. A child’s mind, therefore, is that aspect of this being, that enables him to adapt to the world, and the purpose of education is to organize the child’s powers of conduct, so as to fit him to his social and physical environment.”


We at Belvoir believe in what Cameron Fincher had said about learning and instruction.

“In its broadest sense, learning can be defined as a process of progressive change from ignorance to knowledge, from inability to competence, and from indifference to understanding. In much the same manner, instruction or education can be defined as the means by which we systematize the situations, conditions, tasks, materials and opportunities by which leaners acquire new or different ways of thinking, feeling and doing.”

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